The Shower Niche: A Stylish Consideration for Hotels and Motels.

The Shower Niche: A Stylish Consideration for Hotels and Motels.

The Shower Niche: A Stylish Consideration for Hotels and Motels. 150 150 gcproductsinc

One of the defining factors of a great hotel room is how well it is able to utilize the minimal space the room is working with. It doesn’t matter what kind of room. All hotel rooms are working with limited space, with even suites having an allotted amount of square footage to work with.

The value of a hotel or motel property is dependent upon the quality of each room, and how much use each guest is able to get out of the facilities while they are staying there. Anything that a hotel property can do to maximize the space they are working with is worth considering.

Which is why there’s so much potential value in a shower niche.

Why You Should Make a Shower Niche Your Next Bathroom Remodel

A shower niche, a small alcove designed and built into a shower stall, is designed with function as its priority. This can be incredibly helpful when a hotel is trying to maximize their minimal amount of space.

If you are trying to decide how best to upgrade your hotel or motel room, a shower niche is a great idea. Some of the benefits include:

  • Convenience for Guests – Your guests will have to put their shampoo, conditioner, soap, or other toiletries on the floor, instead go be able to fit them directly onto the niche in the shower wall. This will create more space for your guests to enjoy.
  • Make Your Bathrooms Look Bigger – In terms of design, a shower niche will also make your hotel bathrooms up here larger than they are. This effect will add depth and give the impression of more space, raising the value of your property.
  • Overall Aesthetic – A shower niche can also be incredibly attractive if it is decorated correctly. There are a wide variety of designs and colors that can be picked to turn your niche into almost an accent wall of sorts. This can allow you to coordinate the bathrooms of your hotel with the rest of your rooms, creating a more cohesive experience for your guests.

Shower niches also represent very minimal cost. Wholesale shower niches, like the ones we offer here at GC Products, are a minimal cost and can be purchased for even less with bulk orders.

A Shower Niche is a Small Addition That Can Make a Big Impact

When it comes to someone’s stay at a hotel, is often the little details that leave a lasting impression. A shower niche may be a low-cost addition, but it can make quite an effective impact on your hotel’s style. It may be a small change, but a shower niche will improve a visitors’ stay considerably.

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