Ideas for GFRC Cupolas

Ideas for GFRC Cupolas

Ideas for GFRC Cupolas 150 150 gcproductsinc

Cupolas ads are an architectural feature that consists of a small, enclosed structure atop a roofline. They exist in a variety of different architectural types, from classical Greco-Roman to Gothic to Spanish missionary style, all rendered with their own unique looks. 

Cupolas have historically served different purposes, such as providing ventilation for attic spaces or viewing towers, but today, although they can still offer these functional purposes, the customization options for cupolas made of GFRC also make them a unique exterior feature to distinguish your property.

Options for Customizing Architectural GFRC Cupolas

Cupolas come in many different sizes. Often, they are so small as to be only ornamental, in which case GFRC is uniquely suited since it is cost effective, lightweight for an easy install, and can be customized in any shape. But through the use of GFRC facades, it is also possible to make a larger cupola that shares a functional purpose as a bell tower, watchtower, or similar structure on top of your building.

GFRC cupolas can match any architectural style and some of the top options for customers include:

  • Neoclassical Style Cupolas – These couplers use small columns and a domed top to create a Romanesque feature that looks elegant on a property.
  • Belvedere – A belvedere, or widow’s walk, is a type of cupola with windows or a balcony that is open to the elements. It might be accessible by interior stairs. As this is usually a larger architectural element, it can incorporate additional GFRC features such as GFRC panels, balustrades, and other ornamentation. 
  • Venting – GFRC copulas can still be used for the original purpose of providing ventilation to attic spaces in a property. Any style of cupola will work for this purpose, but common looks include colonial or rural styles of architecture.
  • Churches and Religious Institutions – A cupola is a traditional way to display a cross or provide the base for a spire. Cupolas for this purpose can be made from new designs to match modern buildings or we make historic styles for traditional churches.
  • Finial or Flag Display – A cupola is a perfect base for a flag or other finial that you wish to display on a property and can provide additional height and appeal.

However your property design incorporates a cupola, this is a great way to add character and make your commercial properties stand out. GC Products, the industry leader in designing and manufacturing GFRC architectural elements, is able to help you accentuate your property or complete your architectural design with custom cupolas and other GFRC solutions. Contact us today to get a quote for your design needs.

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