How to Plan for Your GFRC Shower Niche

How to Plan for Your GFRC Shower Niche

How to Plan for Your GFRC Shower Niche 150 150 gcproductsinc

Installing a shower niche is one of the best upgrades you can make to your bathroom. Not only will it be more functional, giving you convenient storage for all of your toiletries, but it will add beauty and value to your bathroom, all while being a relatively simple upgrade to make, particularly when you are using a GFRC shower niche.

GFRC shower niches are prefabricated and come in a range of sizes, including double niches with a built in shelf. The material is naturally waterproof and the unit is lightweight for simple installation into the adjacent studs. But before installation, you will want to do a moderate amount of planning to be sure that your installation will give you the bathroom design you want.

Considerations When Installing a Shower Niche

Renovating a bathroom is a great opportunity to create a space that reflects your needs and tastes. But you want to also be sure you are designing a space that will add to your home’s value. To be sure that you are fulfilling these different requirements with a shower niche, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which wall will the shower shelf go on? – You will need to choose which wall to install the niche on. This should generally be an inside wall when possible, as an outside wall will have insulation. Installing a shower niche reduces the amount of insulation in the wall, which in addition to climate control, can become an issue in colder climates if any water is getting through the niche as this can cause condensation in the wall behind your shower. You will also need a location that will not impact plumbing or electrical unless you can have the plumbing and electrical moved to make way for the shower niche.
  • What is the niche height? – Choosing the height for your niche will largely depend on the height of those using the shower and the height of your particular shelf, although there are some aesthetic considerations here as well. Generally, the area between waist and head height is a good place for a niche. This puts it at the right height to easily access and looks balanced in the shower cubicle. If you are shorter or taller, you might adjust the cubicle in either direction. 
  • What will you store on your shower shelf? – If you regularly use a lot of different items in the shower or have a number of tall bottles, you will want a GFRC shower niche that is large enough to hold everything. But if this is for a guest bathroom or you have only a few items, you might want to go with a smaller shelf. A smaller shelf may also be the best choice if you have a smaller shower cubicle.
  • What will your tiling look like? – There are two options when installing a shower niche. You can install the niche and cut tiles to fit before or you can determine where tile edges will be and install the shelf so that you are only using whole tiles. The best choice largely depends on your design preferences and the style of your tiles. You should also consider if you are using the same tiles for the walls and shelf or if you will have contrasting tiles. Knowing your tile choice helps you plan the size and layout of your shower niche accordingly.

Once you have an idea of what your bathroom remodel will look like and where your shower niche will go, GC Products makes it easy to order the right for your space. We sell our ready made GFRC shower niches through our subsidiary Ledge Products with a range of standard measurements.

As GFRC designers, we are also able to customize a special niche shape if you have an idea for your shower that needs a different size, shape, or other features to make your design possible. Contact us today to order your shower niche from GC Products.

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