GFRG Columns

GFRG Columns

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GFRG Columns – Easily Replicated for Consistent Designs

GC Products Inc is the leader in GFRG columns. We pre-cast according to your specific design elements, and then ship them to your location for an easy and long lasting installation. If you are looking to order GFRG columns, or any other GFRG designs, please call us at 916.645.3870 or fill out the form on the bottom of this page.

Advantages of GFRG Columns for Commercial Architecture

Columns are an important part of the architectural design for many different commercial properties. Yet choosing the right material is almost as important as the design itself. For indoor columns, there are:

  • Wood Columns
  • Marble Columns
  • Stone Columns, and More

Yet there is no material quite like GFRG columns, especially when it comes to large indoor projects. We are frequently asked to create columns for casinos, shopping malls, hotels, universities, and any other property that is looking for a more classic design and a long lasting, cost efficient, easy to install material.

That is because GFRG has several advantages that make it a better choice for column design, including, but not limited to:

  • Consistency – GFRG pours and hardens smooth and clean into each mold. That means that there is outstanding consistency between pieces, allowing you to easily replicate the design.
  • Fireproof – GFRG is also fireproof, which makes it an ideal choice on active commercial properties. It is one of the reasons it is especially popular in casinos, where there is often smoking and celebration.
  • Durable – GFRG is stronger than most other materials and unlikely to scratch or chip. That is another advantage for high traffic areas where damage is more likely.

Of course, contractors also love GFRG, as installation is much easier given its light weight. Installation is usually much less expensive with less risk for errors, and because the product will last decades longer than most other architectural materials, the savings in the long term can be substantial.

GFRG columns are customizable, attractive, and perfect for almost any type of commercial property. For businesses and contractors looking to order new columns, give GC Products a call today.

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