Advantages of Architectural GFRC

Advantages of Architectural GFRC

Advantages of Architectural GFRC 1300 587 gcproductsinc

As GFRG and GFRC specialists, GC Products is here to offer support and guidance for your architectural designs. Our team combines high quality craftsmanship with reliable service that ensures that your products will be completed in time for your contractors, and capable of easy installation for your building or remodel.

If you’d like to learn more about our GFRG or GFRC products, please contact us at any time.

Why Choose GFRC?

GFRC, or Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, is a popular material that acts as an alternative to cast stone, steel, and other materials used to create weather/moisture resistant designs indoor and outdoors. GFRC has a number of distinct advantages that make it a superior choice for your next architectural designs. Some of these benefits include:

  • Capable of Complex Custom Casting – Unlike other materials, such as cast stone, GFRC can be crafted into almost any custom shape imaginable. From columns to moldings to domes to fireplace surrounds and more, each GFRC design can have outstanding levels of detail.
  • Excellent Durability – Because GFRC is reinforced concrete, it is considerably more durable than both traditional concrete and stone. Indeed, glassfiber reinforced concrete has superior durability to most other materials, making it an excellent choice for commercial properties and in high traffic areas. GFRC is so powerful, that it is one of the materials of choice for earthquakes and hurricane proofing.
  • Lighter Weight – The strength of GFRC does not require any sacrifices in weight either. In fact, GFRC is, on average roughly 80% lighter weight than concrete, and far lighter than stone and metal. That makes it cheaper to transport, far easier to install, and better for the structure over time.
  • Water Resistant and Fire Proof – GFRC is 100% fireproof, incapable of burning. It is strong enough to act as a barrier between the fire and the architecture beneath it. GFRC is also water resistant, which makes it preferable when compared to other products, such as GFRG, that need to be in areas with less moisture.
  • Green – As more and more companies start to prioritize green materials and reducing their carbon footprint, GFRC can help, as the glass fiber reinforced concrete has far less environmental impact than most other materials. Many of the ingredients in GFRC are from recycled sources, and the minerals themselves are considered earth friendly.

Finally, GFRC is simply an attractive looking material that can be customized to almost any appearance. It can also be prepared for paint, or be given a natural color that adds to the look of your property.

Architectural GFRC is an outstanding material for a wide variety of designs. If you are interested in starting a GFRC project, contact GC Products Inc today.

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