GFRC Column Cover Benefits

GFRC Column Cover Benefits

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Columns are frequently used in the construction of commercial properties, used to provide structural support to exterior elements of the building while also providing a unique, noticeable, and inviting appearance that can help improve the overall look of the property.

But most structural columns are unattractive, and so to cover them, builders use column covers that are designed to provide a better aesthetic – often with a custom or classic design that adds to the appeal of the property. When choosing a material for these column covers, many builders use GFRC (glassfiber reinforced concrete), as it offers many advantages that other materials simply cannot provide.

Why Choose GFRC for Exterior Column Covers?

GFRC, manufactured by GC Products Inc., has many advantages that make it the best choice for custom column covers. These include:

  • Waterproof – Any time you’re creating an architectural element outdoors, water resistance is a must. GFRC is waterproof, so there is no risk of long term damage from water or moisture.
  • Heat Proof – Similarly, GFRC columns are 100% fireproof. Not only will they withstand the heat of the sun, but they would be standing after a fire as well.  
  • Insect Proof – It’s easy to forget about insects when you’re considering the long term health of the property, but many bugs can damage exterior materials over time. Not true of GFRC, which is resistant to all insects.
  • Customizable – GFRC can be designed to resemble numerous other materials. Because it is crafted using ultra fine cuts by a CNC router, GFRC can be made to resemble the textures of stone, wood, precast, and more. It is also paintable, allowing you to finish it any way you’d like.
  • Durable – GFRC is strong. It has the strength of concrete reinforced with the strength of glassfiber. It is an estimated 2 to 4x more flexible as well, which means it almost never cracks.

GFRC also has distinct advantages over other material types, as well. For example, it has fewer seams than most other materials, and it is lighter, which reduces both shipping and installation costs and effort.

GFRC for Your Custom Column Covers

When you’re deciding on a material for your column covers, the two best options are GFRC (outdoors) and GFRG (indoors). They offer far more benefits than competing materials, great prices, and are expected to last for a lifetime. Order your column covers straight from GC Products today.

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