GFRC Chimney Caps from GC Products, Inc.

GFRC Chimney Caps from GC Products, Inc.

GFRC Chimney Caps from GC Products, Inc. 150 150 gcproductsinc

Decorative and Functional Chimney Caps Made from GFRC

GFRC is growing in popularity for architectural purposes as designers embrace its combination of style options and functionality. This makes it the right material choice for chimney caps. GFRC chimney caps are available in a limitless range of looks and can provide effective protection for chimney flues.

GC Products, Inc. is an industry leader in GFRC fabrication. Also known as Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, GFRC is waterproof, lightweight, and customizable, making it the ideal material for a commercial chimney cap. We can work with you to provide a range of standard chimney caps or design a completely one of a kind chimney cap from GFRC. Call GC Products 916.645.3870 to get started.

Why Order Custom Chimney Covers from GC Products

A chimney cap is a necessity for any property with a chimney. It helps keep out pests and water and also prevent sparks from landing on the roof. Square, metal chimney caps have fulfilled these needs, but do not really contribute to design.

We can fabricate GFRC into a low profile, rectangular chimney cap, but we can also build more unique options by incorporating shapes, textures, and elements like pillars 

We make our GFRC elements using state of the art equipment to design molds and cast fiberglass materials. When used by our experienced team, our design and fabrication technology, we can create chimney caps to fit any size and style needs for:

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Luxury Apartments
  • Schools
  • Government Buildings, and More

Many property types beyond these few have chimney flues and can benefit from a long lasting and attractive chimney cap. With our experience in custom fabrication, we can fabricate chimney covers for new construction or existing property. We can also work with homeowners to design custom GFRC chimney caps for private homes.

Advantages of GFRC in Chimney Caps

Chimney caps have long been a functional feature for any building with a chimney, but they have historically been made out of metals like aluminum, steel, and copper. These metals have limitations in both form and function.

GFRC  is a material that lasts while giving you options for more than just functionality. GFRC chimney covers are:

  • Customizable – Since we custom make the mold for GFRC products at our facility, we can design chimney caps in any size and shape you want. You also have endless options for finishing and can match the exterior look of the property.
  • Non-Corrosive – Unlike metals, GFRC does not corrode or tarnish when in contact with moisture and airborne contaminants. This helps it retain its look and protective abilities for years.
  • Durable – In addition to being non-corrosive, GFRC is a durable material that can withstand UV rays, rain, hail, snow, and any other exterior element that it may come into contact with. With minimal maintenance, a GFRC chimney cap will last for decades.
  • Easy to Install – GFRC weights a fraction of the total weight of metal or traditional concrete. This reduces the need for special heavy equipment during the installation process and ensures no additional support is needed beyond the flue itself.
  • Affordable – We make GFRC at our facility and ship it to you for installation and finishing. The manufacturing process is highly efficient with only a few days needed for curing. All of this leads to an efficient process that saves you money.

GC Products are industry experts in GFRC manufacturing. When you need a company to turn your design into a functional chimney cap or a team of engineers to create the design itself, we have the resources to fabricate GFRC architectural elements for your property. Let us get you started with a quote. Call us at 916.645.3870 or use our contact form to share the details of your project.

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