Custom GFRG Domes

Custom GFRG Domes

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An interior dome serves many purposes in architecture. It can improve the acoustics of a space, make a room seem larger, or provide a source for natural or electric lighting. In many cases, a dome is simply for appearances. A custom dome is an attractive addition that draws the eye up and gives the area a more captivating style.

GFRG ceiling domes are made by producing custom molds from the architectural renderings and casting the GFRG into the molds. This process can create the graceful curves of a dome that is fully self-supporting and ready for installation, unlike heavy metals, woods, and other materials.

Design Options for Domes Made from GFRG

There are two main types of ceiling domes for interior elements, and both can be made from GFRG. They are:

  • Recessed Domes – The edge of this dome is flush with the ceiling while the top of the dome reaches above ceiling level.
  • Surface Mount Domes – The entire dome is beneath the ceiling with the edges extending downward. A ceiling medallion can be a low profile surface mount dome.

After the placement of the dome is decided, you have numerous options for the dome’s appearance. These include:

  • Size – Domes can be small or extend up to over 12’ in diameter. For larger domes that cannot be made and transported in a single mold, they can be fabricated in pieces and joined on site.
  • Shape – Domes do not have to be round. Oval, square, and other custom shapes are all options for GFRG domes.
  • Texture – We can create domes that are smooth, geodesic, or textured to imitate other materials like brick, wood, and more.
  • Decoration – Molds can incorporate motifs, textural patterns, and other shapes that incorporate decorative elements directly into the dome.
  • Lighting – Domes work well for cove lighting, hanging chandeliers, and additional lighting elements that we can factor into the initial design.
  • Skylights – The GFRG dome design can leave space for skylights and stained glass so these can be added during the installation of the dome.

The color and finishing of a dome are completely customizable as well, although this step is frequently done on-site to ensure the dome matches with the surrounding ceiling and fixtures.

Where GFRG Can Be Used

The range of customizations make it possible to fit GFRG into almost any architectural project. Affordability, durability, ease of installation, and low maintenance make make GFRC increasingly popular for architectural dome elements in:

  • Hotels and Casinos
  • Restaurants
  • Department Stores
  • Theaters
  • Religious Properties

The reasonable cost of GFRG domes makes them a striking addition to residential properties too. GFRG dome light covers offer a custom lighting option in any home while more decorative pieces can be used in entryways, dining rooms, and more. 

The only true limitation of GFRG is that it is not waterproof, and therefore not suitable for outdoor use. For designs that incorporate a dome outdoors, GFRC is an alternative waterproof material and custom GFRC domes are another option we offer.

For any look and any installation location, GC Products can fabricate GFRG domes to your design specifications. We are a leading GFRG manufacturer in the industry, capable of working on projects large and small with expert craftsmanship, attention to detail, and GFRG products built last. Contact us today to discuss your architectural design plans.

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