What is GFRG?

What is GFRG?

What is GFRG? 1300 587 gcproductsinc

What is GFRG?

Great architectural design relies on smart material choices to keep the project on time and under budget while meeting all of the design needs of the property. Many contractors, builders, and property owners now use GFRG for interior architecture projects because of its unique composition and improvement over traditional building materials.

GC Products Inc is the leading manufacturer of GFRG. If you’d like to learn more about any of our GFRG manufacturing services, please contact us today using the form below or by calling (916) 645-3870.

Basics of GFRG

The acronym GFRG, sometimes shortened to GRG, stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum. GFRG is made of industrial-grade gypsum and continuous strand fiberglass and is used exclusively in interior architectural designs. These two materials are very different in both their composition and their purpose in the manufacturing of GFRG:

  • Gypsum – Gypsum is a mineral made of calcium, sulfur, and water (calcium sulfate dihydrate). Alabaster, the material used in many ancient Egyptian sculptures, is a type of gypsum. Gypsum is lightweight, versatile, and non-toxic, giving it a great advantage over competing options like traditional concrete. We use industrial-grade gypsum for GFRG, meaning that it exceeds all standards for quality.
  • Glass Fibers – These are a popular and environmentally friendly reinforcement material made with extremely thin glass. The glass fibers are made by extruding strands of glass, often silica-based, into even thinner fibers. When glass fibers are added to gypsum, GFRG becomes even more durable and ideal for long term architectural use.

The strengths of both gypsum and glass fibers combine effectively to create a very durable and attractive material for many architectural features.

Benefits of GFRG

GFRG has become one of the single most popular materials for high-quality interior paneling and design elements. Some of its benefits include:

  • Design Flexibility and Consistency – GFRG pours cleanly into any mold, making it possible to create consistently uniform and complex designs in smooth and attractive shapes.
  • Light Weight w/Easy Installation – GFRG is one of the longest lasting lightweight materials available today. It can be installed iwth less manpower and in less time, using less reinforcement material.
  • Durable – GFRG has outstanding durability that rivals nearly all other architectural materials. It is the combination of light weight and durability that make GFRG such a unique option in the design world.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Our GFRG at GC Products Inc is made with only recycled materials. It is an environmentally friendly option for businesses looking to decrease their carbon footprint.
  • Cost Efficient – After factoring in the costs of installation, time, and longevity, GFRG is a more cost efficient option than most competing materials.
  • Easy Customization – GFRG can be customized into essentially any shape and size. It pours as a liquid into a pre-fabricated mold, and then dries in any shape that your architects have designed.
  • Fireproof, and More – GFRG is also fireproof. It is paintable. It is easy to clean. GFRG can also be precast, so there is no delay in completing your project. There are many different benefits to GFRG that have made it the preferred material for custom architectural design.

GFRG has the same qualities that other popular building materials have without many of the disadvantages that those other materials can present, like higher expense, less consistently designed products, and more complicated installation processes. No matter what kind of custom architectural project is being undertaken, GFRG can be a valuable element in its completion.

Types of Products Made With GFRG

GFRG is often used as an alternative to materials like concrete and plaster casting for a variety of interior architectural elements, including:

  • GFRG Columns
  • GFRG Ceilings
  • GFRG Moldings
  • GFRG Domes
  • GFRG Trims
  • GFRG Reflectors
  • GFRG Access Panels, and more

GFRG products mimic the appearance of many other types of building materials as well as provide many functional advantages. For example, it can lower energy costs by better sealing off an attic. An access panel made of GFRG can also create a more polished, professional look by hiding an opening for plumbing fixtures, HVAC units and more and blending the area in with the rest of the wall or ceiling.

Types of Properties That Use GFRG

GFRG can be installed in any kind of property, residential or commercial, but it’s most commonly used in commercial properties. We’ve designed, manufactured, and installed custom GFRG products in buildings such as:

  • Casinos
  • Museums
  • Retail Stores
  • Hotels
  • Office Buildings, and more

The material is not only very durable and strong – it’s also able to be customized to reflect any aesthetic you want. It can be used to create brand new and exciting architectural features to make an impact on clients and visitors. It’s also often used for historical restoration projects, where it can be shaped to look just like the plaster molded elements originally present at a historical site.

Contact GC Products Today for Custom GFRG Manufacturing

GC Products can design, fabricate, and ship high-quality GFRG products throughout the United States. We will work with you to create the best architectural elements for your building that best reflect your brand and overall design aesthetic. Contact us today at 916-645-3870 for a quote on the GFRG product you need.

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    Q: Is it difficult to install GFRG products?

    A: No, it’s much easier to install than elements made of traditional materials like plaster casting. It’s lightweight, requires little structural support, and is shipped to you pre-made instead of having to be fabricated at the job site. This less complex installation process also means that it saves on labor costs since it requires fewer tools and people to complete the job.

    Q: Do you provide any standard GFRG products, or are they all custom?

    A: Since GFRG is immensely versatile, custom GFRG development is our primary business. Our in-house mold fabrication department and production floor make it possible for us to design a mold and fabricate almost any kind of interior architectural feature you can imagine. However we do also provide standard columns with our pre-made column molds available from 8” to 48” in diameter, and we have access panels and a few other standard products available.

    Q: How much does a GFRG product cost?

    A: Cost is determined individually for each project. This is because details like the quantity of material, the complexity of the product, the time frame of installation and more can vary. We can provide a cost estimate for your project if requested.

    Q: Is GFRG compatible with LEED certification requirements?

    A: It can be, since GFRG is environmentally friendly. The materials used to make GFRG are not classified as pollutants. It is also lightweight, requiring less energy to transport it, and longer-lasting, making the need for repair or replacement less frequent than other building materials. If you inform us of your concern about LEED certifications, we can work with you to make the most compatible design for your project possible.

    Q: How strong is GFRG?

    A: It can be fabricated to around 2,500 to 7,000 psi depending on the architectural requirements of the project. It’s able to maintain this high level of strength and durability without the need for much structural support.

    Q: Is GFRG fireproof?

    A: Yes. Gypsum and glass fibers are both resistant to fire, making GFRG an ideal material for many different kinds of buildings and architectural pieces. It’s even used for fireplace surrounds.

    Q: Can my GFRG product be made in a custom color?

    A: GFRG products are white due to the gypsum material. But they can be painted any color you want. We can add a factory finish to your product in-house to make customizing it with paint easier.

    Q: Can GFRG be used in outdoor architecture?

    A: No. Too much moisture can damage the gypsum in GFRG. This makes it a less than ideal material for any exterior architecture. However, GC Products is also a manufacturer of a similar product, Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (GFRC). It is a water-resistant alternative that’s similarly durable, lightweight, and easily customizable.

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