Why GFRC is the Most Economic Solution for Large Projects

Why GFRC is the Most Economic Solution for Large Projects

Why GFRC is the Most Economic Solution for Large Projects 150 150 gcproductsinc

When your construction project calls for either a significant number of architectural elements or larger pieces, GFRC can offer the most cost effective solution, both during the initial installation and over time, with some unexpected cost savings. For these reasons, it can be a good financial decision to utilize GFRC for multiple architectural elements in your construction project where possible.

Cost Advantages of GFRC for Large Elements and Multiple Pieces

The process of making GFRG requires pouring the mixture into molds. After a curing process, the manufacturer removes products from the molds, at which point they are ready for installation and finishing. Because GFRC uses molds, it is possible to create multiple architectural elements from GFRC in a wide variety of shapes and sizes while ensuring that every element is an exact copy. Because GFRC is so lightweight and has glass fibers for internal reinforcement, elements can also be relatively large in comparison to those possible with other construction materials.

These factors can provide all of the following cost savings during the initial installation and throughout the lifetime of GFRC panels or other architectural elements:

  • More Savings on More Elements – With GFRC, making the mold is a necessary initial cost. This is true whether you make one element or dozens of elements, meaning that more pieces reduce the cost per piece because the same mold can be reused over and over again, especially considering the fast curing time of GFRC. When you have any element that appears multiple times on your property, such as columns, balusters, trim pieces, or wall panels, GFRC is extremely cost effective as the price will continue to go down per unit. This is different from non cast materials for which the cost will continue to increase significantly with each new element made.
  • Greater Levels of Detail – Because GFRC is cast in molds, a significant level of detail is possible. More detail does equate to somewhat higher prices as it will take longer to cast the mold and make demolding more complicated, but the cost will still be far less than accomplishing the same level of detail in another material.
  • Less Risk of Damage – Because GFRC elements can be made larger due to their lighter weight, it is possible to make wall panels, domes, and other aesthetic elements without seams. This leaves fewer areas for water or corrosive materials to get in through and cause damage to surfaces behind GFRC. As a result, the elements and the building as a whole are liable to last longer with less maintenance needed over the years.

These lesser known cost savings of GFRC have made this a leading material to use in a range of architectural applications and for different elements throughout a property. GC Products, the top manufacturer of GFRC architectural elements, can help you determine where GFRC can save on costs in your construction project. Send us a message or give us a call for more information.

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