Using GFRC and GFRG for Decorative Projects

Using GFRC and GFRG for Decorative Projects

Using GFRC and GFRG for Decorative Projects 2048 1339 gcproductsinc

The interior or exterior design of a building – not just the floorplan but its shape, texture, and ornamentation – brings endless options for creating a unique look. The available materials add further choices. For a versatile option suitable for almost any decorative element, GFRC and GRFG are becoming the most popular materials in building and renovations.

GRFC and GRFG are similar materials, using fiberglass to reinforce and concrete and gypsum base respectively. The primary difference is that GFRC is waterproof, and GFRG is lighter weight and a smoother material. But both can be molded into any shape, from small ornaments to relief panels spanning an entire wall and finished to resemble most common building materials at a more affordable price and more durable construction.

Where to Use GFRC and GFRG Elements

Some of the most common decorative uses of GFRC and GFRG are in customized wall and ceiling elements. Panels can be designed with any shape, texture, curvature, cut out, and more to create a system of panels and tiles. When installed, they provide a 3 dimensional look with an eye-catching facade outdoors or an artistic interior.

Beyond walls and ceilings, GFRC can be used throughout a space as decoration. A custom mold, based on detailed CAD drawings, can incorporate curves and precise designs to make any shape, including:

  • Domes
  • Columns
  • Moldings
  • Trims
  • Light Covers
  • Relief Sculptures
  • Reception Desks
  • Sinks
  • Countertops and Bars

Unlike other materials that may be used to make these elements, such as cement, plaster, drywall, stone, or others, GFRG is affordable, durable, and can be produced quickly. Yet in the case of artistic pieces like moldings or sculptures, it still retains the beauty of a handcrafted piece.

Every GFRC and GFRG element can be finished as needed. Painting or tiling are options, as are finishing them to resemble marble, granite, wood, and brick. Whatever artistic or decorative design you want to incorporate into your project, GFRC is a superior alternative in most uses.

If you are interested in using either GFRG or GRFC as part of your design, contact GC Products. We have partnered with hundreds of designers and construction companies to create unique elements for many properties from hotels to malls and museums to residences. We can translate your most ambitious designs into affordable and attractive GFRG.

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