How to Install GFRG Column Covers

How to Install GFRG Column Covers

How to Install GFRG Column Covers 150 150 gcproductsinc

GFRG is a leading choice for interior column covers. Available in any design, affordably priced, and durable, GFRG is also extremely easy to install. Column covers made from GFRG do not generally require heavy equipment or extensive manpower to assemble and install, instead sharing a similar process to standard drywall installation.

The installation process should follow any specific direction provided by the manufacturer since this will provide the most efficient and reliable install for your specific columns. But for a better understanding of what the installation process will include, this is what you can expect for GFRG columns from GC Products.

GFRG Column Cover Installation Process

GFRG columns can be incorporated into new constructions. They can also cover existing columns. In either case, it is possible to design and manufacture column covers to specific specifications.

Prior to installation, you should carefully inspect the shipment to match the number of columns and their dimensions to your shop drawings. If not installing the column covers immediately, you can store them in a dry location where they will not come into contact with dirt. It is best to leave them in their original packaging from shipment if possible, but you can also store them horizontally or braced vertically. Whichever storage method you choose, do not stack the columns.

When you are ready for installation, follow these steps:

  • Handle column covers with care to avoid any unnecessary wear.
  • Position one half of the column cover.
  • Set clips at midpoint and seams of the column cover.
  • Drill pilot holes through the column cover into the clips.
  • Attach the cover and clips with drywall screws, counter sinking the screw heads.
  • Install alignment clips 18” o.c. along the edge of the column cover and at the top and bottom. Secure with countersunk drywall screws.
  • Fit the second half of the column cover into the alignment clips, checking fit as you go.
  • Apply a bead of urethane adhesive to both edges of the first cover.
  • Secure alignment clips on one side of the column.
  • Shim the other side of the column as necessary. When the fit is correct, secure alignment clips on that side.
  • Wipe the column cover with a damp cloth.
  • Finish column covers with joint compound or casting plaster.
  • If any scratches or dings developed during installation, they can be filled with joint compound or plaster.
  • Prime columns at least once and paint to finish.

GC Products provides custom designed GFRG column covers, working with you to manufacture the right columns for your property. We provide complete installation instructions and the necessary fasteners or specifications to complete your construction project with high quality GFRG column covers. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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