How to Customize Your GFRG Column Design

How to Customize Your GFRG Column Design

How to Customize Your GFRG Column Design 150 150 gcproductsinc

The main advantage of GFRG in architectural column design is the customization possibilities. GFRG can be molded into any size and shape, and finishing options can make GFRG look the same as marble, limestone, clay, or wood, letting you imitate any classic column style or design your own.

If you are planning on incorporating GFRG columns into your lobby, entryway, dining rooms, or another interior space in your property, it is helpful to understand the various parts that make up a column as you begin customizing your design.

Parts of an Indoor Column

Most architectural columns consist of three individual components. Each of these pieces can be customized individually to create a single look that complements your interior design. The elements you can customize are the:

  • Base – The base is the foundation of the column. It can be a simple rectangular or round platform, or have moldings and ornamentation included. More elaborate bases can be a GFRG plinth or pedestal that raises the column away from the floor.
  • Shaft – The shaft is the straight part of the column that extends from the base to the ceiling or top of the column. Common designs on shafts included fluting to create channels, carvings, or relief sculptures, but unadorned shafts are also popular. Historically, shafts were made by stacking several sections of stone, called drums, which creates visual interest in the look. With lightweight GFRG, you also have the option for the shaft to be a single piece.
  • Capital – The capital is the top element of a column, and consists of 3 pieces. The “necking” is similar to the shaft, but is often wider or more decorative. The “echinus” is generally circular and expands outward to create a base for the “abacus,” or the square piece that forms the top of the column. The space between these components can contain ornamental elements.

Individual column designs may differ slightly. For instance, a doric column – known for its simple, fluted shaft and plain capital – generally has no base and rests directly on the floor. Post-modern columns consist only of a shaft without any ornamentation from the base and capital.

Construction of GFRG columns uses a mold to create the desired shape for the base, shaft, and capital of your columns. We make our molds at GC Products with CAD technology, CNC routers, and other state of the art equipment that makes it possible to realize any shape. This also enables us to make every column exactly the same, even with complicated elements on the capital and base.

We can fabricate classical Greek and Roman columns, Egyptian columns, contemporary columns, or work with you to design a completely unique GFRG column cover for the interior of your property. Start planning your custom column with GC Products today.

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