How Does GFRG Save Money?

How Does GFRG Save Money?

How Does GFRG Save Money? 2048 1152 gcproductsinc

GFRG has become one of the most popular materials in architectural design today. It is more durable, pours clean, lighter weight, and easier to install than the vast majority of alternatives on the market.

Yet, despite all that, it is also considered a better value. On overall project costs, GFRG – even with its advantages – almost always represents a decrease in construction costs compared to other materials.

Is GFRG Cheaper?

GFRG itself is competitively priced compared to alternatives, like plaster. But some of the other materials may be less expensive to fabricate. This can give the impression that GFRG is more costly for the project.

But if you look at all the supplementary costs, it’s easy to see how GFRG saves the project money and represents a value engineering alternative to other product designs.

  • GFRG can be pre-fabricated. There are no project delays and limited in house costs. It can be created here at GC Products Inc and then shipped to your build site for immediate installation.
  • GFRG is lightweight. It is easier and less costly to install than many other competing products. You need less manpower, less time, and requires less structural support – all of which decrease costs. Shipping costs are also less expensive than alternative heavier materials.
  • In the long term, GFRG also costs far less to maintain and replace. GFRG panels, trims, ceilings, and columns rarely – if ever – require replacement. It is a better investment in the long term.

It can also be painted the perfect color with ease (once again reducing project time) and can be poured into complex shapes that will not require any touchups upon completion.

GFRG Saves Your Project Money – For a Better Quality Product

GFRG is one of the few materials that is both higher quality and saves you money on your project. To order a GFRG design, contact GC Products Inc. Today.

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