GFRG Cornices from GC Products, Inc.

Interior Cornices Made from GFRG

GFRG is an architectural material with expanding popularity due to its durability, simple installation, and customization options. This makes it well suited for interior cornices. By creating custom GRFG molds, we can create cornices ranging from simple to ornate.

Our experienced team at GC Products fabricates a range of GFRG products, including cornices. We have many standard, premade molds available and the capabilities to do completely custom work. We can work with specific design specifications from an architect or designer, or our in-house engineers can partner with you to design a custom cornice that fits your property’s style.

Get the process started by calling us at 916.645.3870 or using our online contact form to send us a message.

Why Use GC Products for GFRG Architectural Cornices

Modern and traditional designs use decorative cornices. As a nationwide leader in GFRG fabrication, GC Products has created interior cornices and crown molding for properties such as:

  • Hotels
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Museums
  • Restaurants
  • Galleries
  • Historic Properties, and More

Cornices are an architectural feature in many properties, and these are only a fraction of the property types we have worked with. With our state of the art equipment and expansive facility, we can complete any job quickly and with a focus on the smallest details.

Advantages of Cornices Made From GFRG

Unlike plaster cornices which are made on site, we make GFRG cornices in our facility by pouring the glass fiber reinforced gypsum into specialty molds. The molds provide a consistent design for each cornice piece, and enable us to complete an entire cornice quickly before shipping it to your worksite for installation.

GFRG offers many additional benefits including:

  • Customizable Designs – The design process begins with a mold. We can use one of our premade molds or create an entirely new mold using special design software and equipment. This makes it possible to customize shapes, dimensions, curves, and more.
  • Lower Cost – Because GFRG cornices are made with molds instead of crafted by hand, they are much more efficient to create, yielding savings in the manufacturing process. Their low weight also means more affordable shipping and installation.
  • Many Finishing Options – The GFRG cornices we produce are delivered unfinished in an off-white color that is easily painted with standard paints. This lets you finish your GFRG cornices in any style that fits with the rest of your space’s design, and touch up or refinish cornices whenever needed.
  • Easier Installation – An installer can place GFRG cornice directly onto the ceiling or top of a wall without building additional support. There is also no need for special tools or knowledge of GFRG.
  • More Durable – GFRG is flame retardant, crack-resistant, and will not warp or deteriorate. Choosing GFRG for cornices gives you a long lasting product that retains its appearance and integrity for years after installation.

Because it is not waterproof, GFRG will not work for exterior cornices. When you need a cornice for outdoor use, GFRC is the best choice. This material is similarly lightweight and durable while standing up to weather conditions.

We create GRFG and GFRC cornices at GC Products, Inc. using more than a decade of experience to guide our production process. Our engineers and fabricators are here to assist you in designing traditional and custom cornices made from GFRG. Use our contact form or call us at 916.645.3870 to get started with the process.

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