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There are a variety of trim styles that can ornament the exterior of commercial properties. Moldings can accent the roofline, and trims are a popular decorative feature around windows and doors to increase contrast. Other trim designs make a commercial property more visually interesting and complement different architectural styles.

GFRC trims rely on glass fiber reinforced concrete. This mixture is concrete with added glass fibers that give architectural elements extreme strength without introducing extra weight. This results in trim elements that are easy to install.

GC Products manufactures GFRC trims for every kind of commercial property. We can take the designs created by your architect or our engineers and can help you create specific designs for your property based on the other elements planned or in use. Begin planning your GFRC trim with GC Products at 916.645.3870.

Where to Use Decorative GFRC Trims on Commercial Properties 

GFRC trims fit with a range of architectural styles and design types. They can be used as an accent and in different parts of your property. Using trim in all of the same design styles will tie the entire exterior together for a cohesive and upgraded look, all with only the addition of convenient and easy to use GFRC trim.

Property types that most often use ornamental trims include:

  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Centers and Retail Stores 
  • Schools and Universities 
  • Government Buildings 
  • Hotels and Casinos, and Others 

With GFRC, there is also a wide variety of trims we can create. We manufacture our trims by first designing a GFRC mold. We design the trim using software programs and engineer the precise mold with a range of different equipment. We then add the concrete and glass fiber mixture to the mold.

Through this process, we can create new molds for every project. This gives us the ability to create more basic, squared-off trims or make highly decorative moldings with historical ornamentation or completely modern new designs. 

Why GFRC is the Leading Choice for Ornamental Molding

Glass fiber reinforced concrete is a newer architectural material in US construction but has been in use for many decades overseas because of all the different advantages it can offer, such as:

  • Customization – There are a number of options for customizing the shape and size of GFRC trim so that essentially any design you can think of is possible.. You also have extensive flexibility in finishing GFRC trim with common options including a wood tone finish, stone finish, or solid paint finish.
  • Lightweight – GFRC weighs about a ⅓ of the weight of precast concrete, and significantly less than other materials. This makes shipping easy, and most contractors can install GFRC trim without heavy equipment or additional manpower.
  • Fast Manufacturing – GFRC cures quickly during the manufacturing process and has a simple installation process, enabling you to complete the trimming and ornamentation on your commercial property with less risk of project delays.
  • Eco Friendly – We make our GFRC products out of recycled materials with low impact manufacturing methods that, when combined with the fact that these elements will last longer than others, makes for a green building solution.

Many of these different advantages also contribute to making GFRC trim the more affordable option. Since it is faster and more convenient to manufacture, ship, install, and finish, you can save on multiple costs throughout the construction process. There is also more time before you will need to replace or repair trim elements.

Start the Process – Contact GC Products Today

GC Products has been manufacturing an extensive range of GFRC architectural elements and our experience in the industry is what makes it possible for us to work with our clients throughout the process, from the initial design to the final production and shipping of your completed GFRC elements, each ready to be installed and finished in the field.

In addition to GFRC trims and molding, we can produce a range of other GFRC architectural elements as well as corresponding interior elements made from GFRG. Learn more about GFRC and the ornamental trim available from GC Products. Contact us 916.645.3870 or request a quote through our online contact form.

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