GFRC Moldings from GC Products, Inc.

The exterior of your property is composed of many different stylistic and functional elements. Often, the visual elements, like molding, are what tie everything together and make the exterior facade of commercial properties look attractive and professional.

GFRC moldings from GC Products offer a convenient, attractive, and affordable way to install moldings in any style on the exterior of commercial properties. We design and manufacture custom made moldings with our state of the art equipment and processes. Contact us at 916-645-3870 to discuss your design needs.

GFRC Molding and Ornamental Trims for All Property Exteriors

Ornamental moldings can be an attractive asset on a range of different property types where they can provide decoration at the roofline, frame windows and doors, and help achieve a certain architectural style.

This is possible because, at GC Products, we create GFRC moldings in infinite different styles, from sleek and minimalist moldings to highly decorative moldings that mimic historic styles. They are often a feature of buildings like:

  • Banks 
  • Shopping Centers and Malls
  • Office Buildings 
  • Churches and Worship Centers 
  • Schools and Universities 
  • Hotels, Casinos, and Resorts
  • Government Buildings, and More

We can create GFRC moldings for both new construction and as part of facade renovation, offering both a range of standard and classic styles, as well as crafting one of a kind molding elements from GFRC.

Why Choose GFRC from GC Products for Your Decorative Molding 

GFRC, or glass fiber reinforced concrete, is the leading material choice for architectural elements like molding. It lends itself extremely well to decorative features with all the following characteristics:

  • Highly Customizable Molding – GC Products make GFRC elements in custom molds. We design molds using various software programs and engineer them with CNC routers and other technology, letting us create molds in almost any design style. Molds mean that every single section of molding can be identical.
  • Lightweight – GFRC relies on glass fibers to give it its strength and structure, making this an extremely lightweight material that you can easily affix to different facades, often without needing additional support. 
  • Durable – GFRC molding is long lasting and resistant to most damage, so your molding will not begin crumbling after a few years and instead will continue to look great for years.
  • Waterproof – GFRG makes a great outdoor material since it is waterproof and withstand the elements.
  • Finishing Choices – You can finish GFRC molding to match many different aesthetics, imitating stone, wood, or other materials.

In addition to a low cost for installation and shipping because the product is lightweight, GC Products also keeps our manufacturing costs low with efficient services to give you a highly affordable solution for accenting your property. 

Get a Quote for a GFRC Molding Project 

GC Products are experts in GFRC manufacturing and can make a full range of architectural elements for your property, including GFRC molding and additional decorative elements, all in the same style for a comprehensive exterior design. We are able to create GFRC moldings from your own design or you can work with our team of engineers on a standard or more custom molding style. Send us a message or call us to get a quote for your GFRC molding.

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