GFRG Ceiling Access Panels

GFRG Ceiling Access Panels

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At GC Products, along with our subsidiary Ledge Products, we utilize glass fiber reinforced gypsum (also known as GFRG or GRG) to create ceiling access panels that are durable, fire safe, and affordable. Unlike other access panels made of metal or plastic, GFRG panels blend in with the ceiling they are installed in, rather than standing out. The best place to find these hidden, flush, wholesale ceiling access panels is from our team here at GC Products Inc. Contact us today for more.

What Makes a Great Access Panel?

Ceiling access panels are a standard part of most construction, both commercial and residential. These panels hide from view the electrical equipment, plumbing, and duct work that is often installed in ceilings. They can even be used for attic access.

Because this equipment needs to be easily accessible for maintenance and emergencies, an access panel makes it simple to reach the equipment. Panels generally come in two styles:

  • Drop In – The access panel lays, or “drops in,” to the surrounding frame. To reach behind the panel, the lightweight door is pushed up and out of the way.
  • Hinged Panel – A concealed hinge attacheches the panel to the frame. When needed, the panel is opened like a door. A custom access panel can be keyed for additional security.

Ceiling panels are generally used indoors only and are not subject to weather elements such as rain. GFRG is designed for interior use as it is not waterproof. If an access panel is needed outdoors, similar glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) can be used.

The Benefits of Gypsum Access Panels

GFRG is one of the many materials that ceiling access panels can be made with, but offers the greatest benefits. The GFRG is made by mixing recycled glass material with gypsum, the same material used in drywall. This creates a panel that is strong with the appearance of the same drywall used in many ceilings.

Our access panels made from GFRG are nearly invisible once installed. The surround is screwed into a frame created in the opening, and the access panel fits into the opening. The panel can be finished with the same paint and texture as the ceiling drywall.

These panels can sit essentially perfectly flush. In addition to being unnoticeable in a space, GFRG panels are also:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Easy Installation
  • Sound Dampening
  • Fire Resistant
  • Finished to Match Ceilings

Installation is also highly affordable with GFRG panels as little manpower is required and extensive framing for support is not needed. A simple frame attached to existing studs in the ceiling can support these lightweight panels. When coupled with the affordable cost of materials and factory manufacturing, GFRG ceiling access panels are also some of the most cost effective.

Wholesale Access Panels by Ledge Products

We have an entire line of access panels available for purchase upon request. If, for any reason, you need an access panel in a size we do not yet offer, GC Products has designed custom GFRG products, including ceiling access panels, for many different properties. We used our experience in GFRG manufacturing and created our subsidiary company Ledge Products to offer standard ceiling access panels to contractors, businesses, and homeowners.

Our Ledge Access Panels are available as drop in panels in square sizes ranging from 9” x 9” to 24” x 24” and can be purchased from us directly by contacting our team by contacting us today (online purchasing coming soon, but is not yet available). Panels can be shipped throughout the US and come with installation instructions that can be provided to a contractor.

Call us today at 916.645.3870 to speak to one of our reps and order your access panels. We have stock for projects both large and small, with costs that will not hurt your budget and are often less than those found in retail stores, all longer lasting and with more benefits.

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