GFRC Gazebos from GC Products, Inc.

GFRC Gazebos from GC Products, Inc.

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Beautiful Architectural Elements from a Company with Leading Service 

GFRC has become the most important construction material in the past decades, especially for features that combine form and function like gazebos. As concrete reinforced with fiberglass, GFRC has easy moldability to any decorative shape while being extremely strong.

For quality GFRC and GFRG architectural products, GC Products, Inc. is the top choice for custom and standard design work. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and are ready to help translate your design plans for a gazebo into a long lasting and attractive physical product. Contact us at 916.645.3870 to begin the process.

Why Choose GC Products for GFRC

GC Products, Inc is an industry leader in GFRC fabrication. We have created architectural features like gazebos for many different properties like hotels, resorts, casinos, and more, always reaching the high standard of quality we are known for.

We make all of our GFRC products by casting the mixture of fiberglass, cement, and aggregates into specially made molds. The GFRC cures to create strong but lightweight pieces that are ideal for exterior structures like gazebos.

Because we create the molds ourselves using CAD software and state of the art tools like CNC routers, we can make various elements to complete a gazebo. With this technology, a gazebo made from GFRC can include more than the supports and a roof. We can also fabricate:

  • Columns
  • Moldings
  • Cupolas
  • Finials
  • Benches

GFRC is a durable exterior construction material that can withstand both weather and wear and tear. With the availability of design options, we can manufacture gazebos that match other design elements on the property for a seamless look not possible with other pre-manufactured gazebos.

Many of our clients will also choose GFRC as the material for all of their outdoor architectural design elements. To meet these needs, GC Products is uniquely adapted to efficiently manage projects of any size and complexity.

Benefits of GFRC for Exterior Gazebos

Wood and stone are popular materials for gazebos, but they both come with some drawbacks. Wood requires precise carpentry to construct and requires regular maintenance to preserve its appearance, making it labor intensive and expensive. Stone gazebos are likewise costly and heavy individual components can be a challenge to install.

GFRC is a better solution since it is:

  • Durable and Resilient – GFRC is waterproof, crack resistant, fire resistant, and will not corrode. This is all possible without needing to consistently refinish surfaces. Instead, regular light cleaning when a GFRC surface needs refreshing is enough to maintain GFRC’s appearance for years.
  • Endlessly Customizable – Every element of a gazebo can be customized in shape, size, and design. We can create circular gazebos, octagonal gazebos, or more irregular shapes. Columns or column covers, depending on the size and weight of the roof piece, can reflect different design aesthetics, and artistic motifs and mouldings can make your gazebo one of a kind.
  • Cost-Effective Installation – We make each part of the gazebo in molds so it can be assembled on site. Individually, each piece is lighter than traditional cement or stone, making it easy to fit into place and reducing the need for any pre-built support structure. This all contributes to a faster and less expensive installation process.
  • Lots of Finishing Options – You can finish GFRC in any style since it takes paint and texturing well. It can imitate wood, stone, or other materials.

At GC Products, we have standard designs for our GFRC architectural elements that offer an affordable way to add an attractive gazebo to your new development or existing property. We can also fabricate fully customized gazebos, working with a design from your architect or one created by our engineers. For any option you choose, our team assists you at every stage of production to produce the architectural elements that meet your needs.

Get started today by calling us at 916.645.3870 or using our online contact form to send us an outline of your project. We’ll discuss pricing, the options available with GFRC, and more information about this leading material.

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