GFRC Cornices: Better Than Precast Concrete

GFRC Cornices: Better Than Precast Concrete

GFRC Cornices: Better Than Precast Concrete 150 150 gcproductsinc

Architects and contractors have many options for the architectural elements they plan to add to their property designs. Precast concrete is one of the most popular, especially for products like cornices. It is weather resistant and easy to finish. Yet it also comes with drawbacks that can cost your company extra in the long term.

GFRC is a far better option. GFRC has all of the same advantages that come with precast, but addresses the drawbacks with a material that is more durable and a better choice for GFRC cornices, and other architectural elements.


Precast concrete is designed for outdoor use. That means that it is largely weather resistant, and can be finished in such a way that it looks like natural stone – or any other element that you’re trying to mimic. Precast is also popular for the way that it can be easily replicated and finished, allowing for a uniform appearance across all cornices.

But precast also has its flaws. It is very heavy, requiring significant labor and manual reinforcement in order to install it correctly. While it is generally strong, it also has some fragility, with problems such as chipping during transport. It is not as dense as other materials, nor is it that elastic.

GFRC has the same benefits that precast offers – uniform appearance, easy to finish, high quality – but also addresses the concerns that come with precast cornices. These include:

  • Light Weight – GFRC is half the weight or less than precast concrete. That makes it far easier to install from both a labor and reinforcement standpoint. It also reduces shipping costs and time to arrival.
  • Dense – GFRC is a far denser material than precast concrete, while also maintaining its elasticity. That gives it a much high impact strength, reducing its chance of becoming damaged during shipping or installation.
  • Shorter Lead Time – Though this can vary depending on the time of year and company, GFRC cornices can typically be completed and sent with a shorter lead time than precast, as the mold process is faster.

Most contractors that try GFRC for the first time over precast tend to agree that it is the better often for most projects, including exterior cornices. That is why we are so often contacted by repeat clients, using us not only for our cornices, but also for other products that they used to create with materials like precast concrete.

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