GFRC Ceilings

GFRC Ceilings

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Custom GFRC Ceilings and Roof Panels by GC Products

GC Products is the leading manufacturer of GFRG and GFRC used in architectural design. GFRC has quickly become one of the most popular materials for its array of benefits it provides at a competitive total cost. 

GFRC is traditionally an exterior material because of its waterproof capabilities. Instead, most businesses use GFRG ceilings, which are lighter weight. But there are situations when you may want to consider a ceiling design made with GFRC. 

With its ability to be easily customized and its long lasting durability, GFRC is the material of choice for many architectural projects. For more information, call 916-645-3870 today.

What are Some Advantages of GFRC Ceilings

Glass fiber reinforced concrete, also commonly referred to as GFRC, is one of the most popular materials in architectural design as of late. Here at GC Products, we have a team experienced with creating outstanding GFRC products of all types and sizes, and according to your exact specifications.  

GFRC ceilings are unconventional, but they are useful in many select cases. For example, GFRC ceilings are waterproof and thick, which makes them useful in places with access to moisture, smoke, and other materials. In cases where the ceiling may come into contact with rain, GFRC makes a better choice than its lighter weight cousin, GFRG. 

Some of the many benefits of GFRC include:

  • Strong – The glass fiber reinforced concrete is composed of several different minerals to allow strength and flexibility. The fiberglass reinforcement makes it incredibly powerful compared to many other materials currently on the market.
  • Waterproof and Fireproof – GFRC is made to withstand all weather types. It is durable, waterproof, and fireproof, making it an ideal material in modern architectural design. 
  • Flexible – GFRC is malleable and pours clean into each mold. This helps to guarantee a consistent appearance every time. It can easily be shaped while maintaining its strength, making it an ideal choice for your next exterior (or interior) project.
  • Cost-Effective – GFRC is less expensive than many other materials. Although the upfront costs are competitive, the cost of installation, shipping, and supplementary materials is much less. Less material is also often necessary due to the durability of the products. 
  • Quick Installation – Because this material is lightweight, it is simple to install with a reduced likelihood of error and requiring less supporting material. 

All of these advantages are just a few reasons as to why so many choose GFRC for their architectural products. GFRC is an optimal choice for creating a lasting, strong, and detailed ceilings and other materials of any size.

Why Choose GFRC Ceilings from GC Products Inc.?

We are one of the leading GFRC manufacturers in the industry. We offer top quality products and excellent service. We strive to make sure our clients’ needs are met and they are satisfied with the outcome of our designs. 

If you are hoping to create a project that will optimize design and quality, think about choosing GC Products for your next project. We are happy to fit your custom needs and will provide you with top quality products, simply give us a call at 916-645-3870 or fill the form down below.

FAQ About GFRC Ceilings

Q: Why choose a GFRC Ceiling instead of a GFRG Ceiling?

A: For most ceilings, you’ll want to choose GFRG. It is lighter weight and designed for interior use. GFRC is light compared to concrete, but still a heavy material. But there are situations when you need a product that is capable of withstanding water and moisture damage. GFRC provides that added durability. 

Q: Will my GFRC ceiling be able to withstand harsh weather conditions?

A: Yes. GFRC was specifically designed to hold up against different weather conditions. GFRC is commonly used in decorative roofing panels, for example. 

Q: How long will my ceiling last? 

A: The material used for your GFRC ceiling is low-maintenance and will potentially last indefinitely. There should be no issue with deterioration or signs of significant wear.

Q: Do your ceilings come in different colors?

A: Our product is finished in white, making it easy to customize it and paint it to whatever color you please.

Q: Can I customize my ceiling further?

A: Yes. We offer many different products to enhance your structure. We can add mouldings to create an elegant finishing, create domes to increase the size and grandeur of your pace, or complete any other custom project you have in mind.

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