Electrical Access Panels Made from GFRC and GFRG

Electrical Access Panels Made from GFRC and GFRG

Electrical Access Panels Made from GFRC and GFRG 150 150 gcproductsinc

Every building relies on electricity. Usually the controls and wires for different electrical systems are kept in the background, placed within walls to keep them out of sight and easy reach. Yet when maintenance is needed, an electrical access panel makes it simple to reach the needed electrical components. Several options exist for these panels in terms of the materials, from metal to plastic to glass fiber reinforced concrete or gypsum.

Uses of Electrical Access Panels

Covering wiring, cables, and electrical components is a matter of both safety and appearance. An access panel prevents vandalism or accidental contact with the important electronics that keep your building functioning, whether it is a retail space, office, apartment complex, or single family home. It also protects these components from the elements and debris that can damage them.

At the same time, the ability to access cables quickly is a must for repair or to address problems. An access panel makes this possible. Electrical access panels are installed both indoors and outdoors, frequently covering:

  • Switch Box
  • Security System
  • Server Wiring
  • Phone, Television, and Computer Cables
  • Sprinkler System

Many electrical access panels are made of metal for the durability this material provides. Manufacturers also use plastic, such as extruded ABS, which is also long lasting and often affordable. Wood can also be used, although is usually found in a home environment.

What Are GFRC and GFRG?

Another material option for electrical access panels is GFRC and GFRG. These products mix glass fibers with a base material, either concrete or gypsum, to make a product that is easily shaped and molded as well as one of the most effective construction materials on the market.

The primary difference in use between GFRC and GRFG is location. GRFC is waterproof, making it the material of choice for outdoor access panels. GFRG is only used indoors.

Why Use a GFRC or GFRG Access Panel

With the material options available for electrical access panels, it is important to choose a panel that will be both functional and aesthetic in your home or building. GFRC and GRFG are a top choice for their:

  • Fire Safety – A significant number of fires begin among wiring in a building. GFRC and GFRG are noncombustible with a Class A flame spread rating to provide added safety in construction.
  • Appearance – Electrical access panels made of GFRG or GFRC can be nearly unnoticeable in the surrounding wall. Each is frameless and finished on site with the same methods as the wall, making it possible to incorporate texturing, stucco, paint, wallpaper, and more.
  • Durability – Unlike metal access panels that can rust or wood and plastic ones that will deteriorate over time, GFRC can withstand both water and heat. Both GFRC and GFRG are resistant to scratching, breaking, and corrosion.
  • Affordability – GFRG and GFRC are both affordable when compared to other materials for access panels. These panels are also lightweight, making them easy to install and providing additional cost savings.
  • Sustainability – These access panels are made from 100% recycled content, making it compatible with eco-friendly building.

At GC Products, we have been working with GFRC and GRFG for decades, creating everything from building facades to curved interior walls. Recognizing the benefits of these materials as affordable and durable access panels, we launched our subsidiary Ledge Products to offer standard electrical access panels wholesale to both contractors and the public.

GFRG electrical access panels through Ledge Products will fit most common indoor panel needs. For custom sizes and GFRC electrical access panels, we have the ability to customize a panel to your specifications. Just give us a call to talk about the options.

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