Benefits of GFRG Column Covers over Plaster

Benefits of GFRG Column Covers over Plaster

Benefits of GFRG Column Covers over Plaster 150 150 gcproductsinc

Columns are a necessary structural element of many buildings, but the metal beams do not usually fit with the interior design. For interior columns, covers are installed and finished to match the decor and architecture.

In the past, Interior column covers were typically created from materials like plaster, marble and stone. Plaster in particular was a popular choice despite its fragility and high price point. Today, glass fiber reinforced gypsum, commonly known as GFRG, provides a better and more modern material for construction, including column covers.

GFRG is made by bonding glass fibers with high density gypsum to create a strong but lightweight material that is easily shaped to your preferred design. Standard size column covers are available to fit most construction projects, but GFRG can also be easily shaped and cut to fit any area. These column covers are made to your specifications and shipped to the job site, unlike plaster, which is typically made on site.

Why Choose GFRG

When choosing the material for column covers, GFRG offers several benefits over traditional plaster. Plaster column covers are made at the building site and then installed. GFRG covers are made off site in molds that are either customized or standard. The lightweight covers are then shipped to the job site for installation. The benefits of GFRG over plaster include:

  • More Affordable – GFRG is more cost effective to fabricate, especially when using a standard size column cover, ship, and install than plaster.
  • Customizable – Molds for GFRG can be made in complex shapes for artistic covers and in a variety of sizes. Because they are lighter and less expensive to manufacture, large sizes are still easier to work with than plaster.
  • Finishing Options – GFRG can be finished and painted like drywall, meaning that all column covers can match the interior design.
  • Durable – Column covers of GFRG are resistant to scratches and impacts. They also need only minimal maintenance to keep them looking new for years.
  • Easier to Install – Because they are lightweight and durable, GFRG is easier to mount. They require less structural support and a smaller team to install.
  • Fire Resistant – The composition of GFRG makes it fire resistant, offering additional safety when used in building.

GFRG is an ideal material for column covers in commercial, institutional, and upmarket residential properties. They are frequently installed in hotels, apartments and condominium complexes, offices, municipal buildings, and more.

If you’re in need of a column cover, contact GC Products Inc. today. We’re the leading choice in GFRG manufacturing, and offer high quality service and competitive pricing. Call us or fill out our online form today to get started.

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