Benefits of GFRC Countertops

Benefits of GFRC Countertops

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GFRC is a versatile material. As manufacturers of both GFRG and GFRC, we often see GFRG used for interior applications, while GFRC is used on exterior applications, simply because of their waterproof properties. But there are many ways that GFRC can – and are – used indoors as well, and one is for the development of countertops.

GFRC Countertop Designs and Benefits

GFRC is primarily used for non-functional architectural designs. But it’s easy to see why it can also be used as a functional material as well. Countertops, especially, are a prime example of this, as GFRC is:

  • Lightweight – Its lighter weight makes it much easier to install with less risk of damage. It also requires less manpower to install.
  • Durable – Although all material can potentially break, GFRC is one of the most durable materials on the market despite its light weight, which means chipping and cracking is less likely.
  • Less Expensive Than Marble – GFRC tends to run less expensive than marble, in addition to cheaper installation costs.

GFRC countertops are also easy to customize and can be designed with both an ornamental appearance or custom shapes. GFRC also has a fantastic modern look to it that is quickly becoming even more popular in the current marketplace.

Consistently Produced Countertops

The final advantage of GFRC for countertops is that the designs can be produced and reproduced perfectly. GFRC casts clean, pouring into molds perfectly to ensure that there is consistency between all of the designs. Though GFRC countertops are not right for all residential and commercial designs, they are well worth consideration whenever you’re looking into a remodel.

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