Types of Access Panel Placements

Access panels are used wherever someone might need access to an area of a property, but otherwise needs to be hidden. At Ledge Products, we make these panels with GFRG, or glass fiber reinforced gypsum – a high durability, lightweight material that has quickly become the most popular choice for contractors and property owners alike. 

There are many types of access panels on the market, all with a range of features. GFRG panels offer a significant number of benefits, capable of fulfilling the needs of essentially any type of property. To learn more about our access panels that we have here at Ledge Products, contact us today. 

Placements for Access Panels

Access panels are typically used to hide access to the components in a residential or commercial property that may need to be accessed at any given time. This includes wiring, ductwork, cables, pipes, light fixtures, and more. These building elements rarely need to be accessed once installed, but can require emergency attention or repair work over time. There are also areas of a property that need infrequent access, like an attic, that still needs to be accessible at any given time. 

Enclosing these systems provides a protective barrier, keeping out people, small animals, and dust. With fire rated access panels, you can also prevent the spread of smoke and flames. Using our GFRG access panels, it becomes possible to seal these areas cleanly, hide their presence, and still provide access to those that need them. 

The same access panels can often be installed for a range of different uses. It’s why our access panels can be seen as:

Although many of these access panels are the same, one of the only factors that changes is the needed size – for instance, a crawl space or attic access panel needs to be large enough for a person to enter through, while other panels only need enough space to reach through to get to a pipe or circuitry. 

Our GFRG access panels work for any type of indoor access. From plumbing to electrical to attic access, these panels can go wherever they are needed and provide easy access to the building components you need to keep protected and out of sight.

Types of Access Panels

When searching for an access panel, you’ll likely look for a panel that has features that work for the space it will be in. You might need waterproofing, a lock, or one that can be installed into a particular surface substrate. Like an electrical access panel or ceiling access panel, you’ll likely see the different features sold as different types of panels. These include:

  • Flush Access Panels – These low profile panels are flat, sitting within the wall or ceiling where they are placed without protruding. These are generally the most aesthetically pleasing since they stand out less than other panels.
  • Drywall Access Panels – Drywall panels are installed in buildings that use sheetrock to create a seal when a hole is cut into the drywall.
  • Plaster Access Panels – Although it has the same purpose as drywall, plaster walls and ceilings have a different composition and require an access panel that is compatible.
  • Fire Rated Access Panels – Fire rated panels keep smoke or flames from moving between the access area and the rest of the property or vice versa. This is especially important for access panels that enclose electrical systems or ceiling spaces where the quick spread of fire can be devastating.

Rather than types of access panels, it is more accurate to consider these as specifications for a material. A panel made of GFRG is going to meet each of these “types.” It will be fire rated, work with both plaster and drywall surrounding walls, and sit flush when installed for a low impact appearance.

Exterior access panels are the only type of panel where GFRG is not ideal because it is not waterproof. GFRG will quickly weather in the elements. Instead, GFRC is used. This material is similar in fabrication and advantages, but is made with concrete instead of gypsum, making it waterproof. At Ledge Products, we can make custom make GFRC access panels when you need a product for exterior use.

Why Choose Access Panels Made from GFRG

Access panels are most often installed during construction, chosen by the contractor or property owner. They can also be placed during a renovation. When selecting an access panel, there are several reasons to opt for GFRG, including:

  • Strong and Durable – GFRG lasts for years without scratching, breaking, warping, or corroding. It can stand up to regular wear and the handling access panels receive.
  • Lightweight – Because of their construction, GFRG is lighter than drywall and plaster. This is good for installation, as it means no additional support must be built to hold the panel, and for use since it can be easily handled by one person even if the panel is larger.
  • Invisible – These panels fit tightly and flush into the access hole without a visible border to hold them in place. Once finished in the same manner as the ceiling or wall, there is only a few centimeter wide gap that is visible.
  • Straightforward Installation – Each panel can be installed by any contractor without needing special tools or significant assistance.
  • Affordable – In addition to easy installation making for a cost effective process, the GFRG itself is an affordable material, especially at our wholesale rates.

These are only some of the many advantages, including others that we’ve previously covered. GFRG’s fire safety rating means panels from this material will meet stringent building requirements and offer property owners a degree of protection. The flexibility in terms of usage and installation location makes GFRG suitable for any type of property or space.

Our Standard GFRG Access Panels

Ledge Products has been producing GFRG access panels for properties across the U.S. for many years through our parent company GC Products. We consistently make high quality GFRG products from 100% recycled materials for a sustainable, functional, and attractive option.

Because of the standard nature of most job sites and access panels, we are now able to offer our GFRG access panels at wholesale prices through the Ledge Products line. We produce access panels in standard sizes of:

  • 9” x 9”
  • 12” x 12”
  • 16” x 16”
  • 18” x 18”
  • 24” x 24”

We send these panels with instructions for installation. They come in a neutral gypsum that is easily finished by the contractor once installed on the job site.

If you need an access panel in a size not listed here or one made of GFRC to use outdoors, we can custom fabricate a product to your specifications. This also includes any special sizing or features that are not standard.

Contact GC Products to Order Wholesale GFRG Panels

Our access panels are available to contractors and private individuals, all at an affordable cost, with no minimum or maximum order sizes. No matter where your home, apartment complex, commercial building, or office needs an access panel, ours, made of GFRG, provide the right solution.

We are available to answer any questions, take your order for Ledge Access Panels, or discuss options and provide a quote for a custom order. Simply call us at 916.645.3870 or fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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