Manufacturer Support from GC Products Inc Through the GFRG Design and Installation Process

Manufacturer Support from GC Products Inc Through the GFRG Design and Installation Process

Manufacturer Support from GC Products Inc Through the GFRG Design and Installation Process 150 150 gcproductsinc

GFRG has the benefit of being an extremely easy product to work with. As a viable alternative for precast concrete, cast stone, and various other construction materials, incorporating it into the design process is relatively straightforward. Additionally, it does not require special skills or equipment to install and an experienced contractor should have no problem placing and finishing GFRG architectural elements.

At GC Products, we provide support throughout the project using our experience. When necessary, this can help further simplify the process and provide an expert installation for glass reinforced concrete.

How We Provide Support in the Construction Process

GC Products uses a comprehensive development process to execute GFRG elements from inception to installation. We tailor this process to meet your exact needs based on your experience with GFRG, different needs of your contractors, and the project scope. Some of the different ways in which we can provide support include:

  • Initial Design Consultation – Our engineers on staff can provide design plans for GFRG architectural elements. We can help develop plans, or on existing plans, we can address the feasibility of casting different elements in GFRG and make any adjustments necessary to the details to ensure that they will work during installation and with the finished project.  This is an iterative process and we consistently exchange feedback from your team and ours as we update and finalize the CAD drawings for your project.
  • Customized Manufacturing – We construct the custom molds for your GFRG architectural elements. Where necessary, we can also incorporate admixtures into our base mixture to meet specific requirements.
  • Project Planning – We discuss all design phases and construction timelines during the initial planning process to make sure that we are consistently meeting different deadlines and avoiding project delays.
  • Installation Guidance – We can provide guidance for installing GFRG architectural elements at your property. This includes selecting the appropriate fastening devices and ensuring the right support for suspended GFRG pieces. We can also troubleshoot any issues that come up during the installation process with personalized guidance using our knowledge of your project and GFRG manufacturing.

GC Products experience with the technical and visual requirements of commercial properties has made it possible for us to provide custom GFRG elements. This material has become a leading solution for many due to its flexibility in design, longevity, and cost-effectiveness.

If you are considering GFRG for your project and interested in more information about the manufacturing process and what support we can provide to clients during design, call us to get more information.

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