How GFRG Ceilings Can Improve Your Building Acoustics

Many architects and designers are now choosing glass fiber reinforced gypsum to create custom ceilings for their properties. GFRG ceilings can be customized into any design, making it possible to create everything from a drop ceiling with sweeping curves to a wood baseboard ceiling to beautiful vintage tiles.

Beyond the design capabilities, GFRG also has advantageous acoustic properties that make it ideal for ceiling use in almost any type of commercial setting. Here is how GFRG can assist you in managing your building’s acoustics.

Acoustic Properties of GFRG

Acoustics are clearly important in venues like concert halls and theaters. But any place where many people congregate – a casino floor, lobby of your hotel, office buildings, lecture halls, churches, and more  – can have a significant buildup of noise. In an enclosed space, walls and ceilings will naturally reflect sound back until the amplitude of voices and activity in the space goes beyond a comfortable level. 

There are a few different methods through which ceilings can manage sounds. A less porous ceiling material such as metal or hardwood will cause the sound waves to bounce off the ceiling and back to the people below, therefore amplifying the volume.

But more often you want your ceiling to absorb sound. This can be done through pores in the material, either natural or built into it during construction. Having an air cavity between levels of ceiling also provides sound dampening.

GFRG is ideal for providing sound absorption in ceilings with features like:

  • Drop  Ceilings – When the decorative GFRG ceiling is installed beneath the structural ceiling as a drop ceiling, the air void in between can help reduce sounds from reflecting back into the room from above.
  • Porosity – GFRG has a slightly higher porosity than metal and some other materials to offer better natural sound damping. In addition, the glass fibers in GFRG ceiling panels will vibrate when struck with a sound wave, converting the energy of sound waves into mechanical energy and minimizing sound reflection.
  • Design Options – If one of your primary goals in your property is to manage acoustics, GC Products can design GFRG ceilings for that specific purpose. The curvature of ceilings can help direct sound waves and we can manufacture GFRG ceilings or ceiling panels with pitting, texturing, or holes built in to increase porosity and improve sound dampening. 

GFRG is one of the best materials for architectural design when you want to combine both form and function. When used in ceilings, they make it possible to have a completely custom design that is not only visually attractive, but improves the comfort and experience of guests in your space. 

GC Products Inc, can assist you with any goal you have for a GFRG ceiling with the capabilities to meet any custom design needs, and a team of engineers on staff to help you determine the best design for your acoustic and architectural needs. Send us a message or call us to get started.

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