GFRG Solves Problems

GFRG Solves Problems

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GFRG Solves Architectural Materials Challenges

Architects and designers are often faced with the challenge of meeting the structural demands of new properties while achieving their ambitious visions for the final design of the property. Few materials are capable of being crafted into more complex designs, while also adhering to durability, fire resistance, and green construction requirements.

Enter GFRG

GFRG (also known as GRG or Glassfiber Reinforced Gypsum) solves all of these challenges. Made with recycled materials, GFRG is extremely lightweight compared to competing construction material, highly durable – capable of withstanding heavy pressure and abuse without chipping or damage – and can be molded into any shape using 3D modeling software, CNC machines, and other technology.

GFRG solves many of the problems associated with other architectural materials:

  • Because it is both lightweight and durable, it is easy to install and puts less pressure on the other materials used in the design.
  • Because it is easily poured smoothly into molds, design consistency and complex designs are all far easier to achieve.
  • Because of all of these factors, GFRG can be precast into extremely large designs and still easily shipped and installed in place without considerable manpower or excess costs.

GFRG also has its own advantages. It is fireproof, it is paintable, and it is environmentally friendly as designed with recycled materials and requires less energy to craft and ship. It is also lower cost, and faster to complete so it won’t hold up your project.

At GC Products, we strongly believe that GFRG can solve almost all of your interior architectural design challenges, all for an affordable price. Create the sharp, interesting patterns you have envisioned today with GFRG from GC Products, Inc.

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