Architectural Column Covers from GC Products

Columns can be an important structural component in architectural design. They provide necessary support and stability, but they also can be an attractive visual element that incorporates designs ranging from a decorative, neoclassical look to a post-modern appearance. 

Many columns on new properties are made with an interior base of cement, steel, wood, and other materials that can provide reliable structural support, all of which are durable but not necessarily visually appealing. The column cover then wraps around the internal structure to provide an attractive visual design.

GC Products designs and manufactures architectural column covers in a range of standard and custom designs. Our column covers can imitate historical Greco Roman designs, reflect various cultural influences, or create a unique modern look for interior and exterior columns. Our full services design and manufacturing process for column wraps is able to assist you with your architectural needs. Contact us at 916-645-3870 to learn more about our column covers.

Using Column Covers to Enhance Property Design

The goal of a column cover is to transform an otherwise inconspicuous, or even unattractive, part of the building structure into something decorative and visually impressive. Column covers can be used anywhere there is a standalone column or post providing structural support on the property, or as a purely ornamental element.

Columns have long been used to distinguish properties, drawing on the historic appeal of the neoclassical design style with column covers that imitate the original Greek and Roman column designs including Doric, Corinthian, Ionic, and Tuscan columns. These classical column covers bring a sense of grandiose and longevity to a property.

Our column cover designs from other cultures such as Egyptians, Spanish, Persian, Byzantium, Chinese, and Japanese can reflect the heritage of a company or compliment a property design style that is based on aesthetics from these different cultures.

Contemporary column covers using simple and clean designs such as cylinders, ovals, and rectangular shapes are also a common option for many properties where the simple designs can allow other artistic elements to stand out or create a clean and professional look.

However, the artistic possibilities with custom column covers from GC Products are nearly endless and it is possible to combine different design styles, merge columns with other architectural features, or create an entirely new custom design.

Column Cover Applications

GC Products designs column covers for a wide range of properties with both interior and exterior options available. Popular locations for our column covers include:

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Government Buildings
  • Shopping Centers 
  • Colleges and Universities 
  • Luxury Apartments
  • Office Complexes
  • Convention Centers 
  • Theaters, and More

Properties will use architectural columns to frame entryways, walkways, and hallways, offset individual rooms or entertaining spaces, or create a visual display wherever decoration is needed on the property.

Custom Column Cover Design Process at GC Products

GC Products specializes in columns of all styles. There are several standard designs available for architectural designers and contractors looking to utilize the best recognized contemporary and classical columns. But column covers also offer extensive opportunities for customization.

Because the column cover is simply an external piece that fits over the structural interior, you can incorporate almost any desired design element. Our team of designers and engineers at GC Products will take you through the process from conception to final product:

  • Idea Stage – We will choose designs based on the overall style of your property, whether you are looking to cover existing columns, going through a renovation, or constructing a new build. We will consider how columns will complement other architectural features on the property, and if they should be a main focal point or a more subtle elemental. We will also go over any particular design features you have in mind or are specifically looking for. 
  • Rendering – Our next step is to render designs in CAD and other visual software using your specific column dimensions and visual ideas. These architectural drawings will enable you to see what your column covers will look like and the precise designs done by our experienced engineers will form the basis for the manufacturing process as well. 
  • Manufacturing – Once you have signed off on the design, GC Products manufacture the individual column covers. Because we perform custom work and make each column cover to order, we can always incorporate your custom design choices. Our manufacturing process uses state of the art technology and materials that enable us to make every column cover precisely the same – unless your design dictates otherwise – and complete your order quickly whether you have a couple column covers or are outfitting an entire property.
  • Installation – Our final step is to securely ship the finished column covers to you. At this point they are ready for installation. Column covers can be fitted directly over existing columns. Our products are also lightweight and easy to install to make the process of completing your columns as fast and cost effective as possible.

We can provide whatever design support you need in this process. We can also work with specific architectural designs from your architect or contractor if you already have drawings for your columns.

About GC Products and Our Architectural GFRC and GFRG

GC Products is a national leader in creating decorative elements for architectural design. The materials we use are glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) and glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG). 

These materials are made by adding fiberglass to a base of concrete or gypsum, resulting in a product with a similar outward appearance. Yet GFRC and GFRG are significantly lighter in weight, more customizable due to the manufacturing process, and more durable with a high tensile strength, warp and scratch resistance, fire resistance, and an expected lifespan of several decades.

The waterproof capabilities of GFRC make it ideal for outdoor columns and GFRG is normally used indoors. Both can be completely customized during the design and manufacturing process, as well as after installation when a contractor can finish them to resemble a variety of other materials, including natural stone, clay, wood, metal, and more.

GC Products is able to offer the best in architectural column design through our high quality products and professional customer service. Advantages of working with GC Products for column covers include: 

  • Experience – GC Products has been designing and manufacturing architectural elements for several decades. We have worked on projects of all sizes on scopes and with properties of almost every type. Our experience makes it possible to customize column cover designs to meet your needs while still providing industry expertise.
  • Responsive Service – Each member of our team involved in creating your column covers is dedicated to quality work that meets your needs. We were able to answer all of your questions about architectural column covers, GFRC, GFRG, and the design process.
  • Fast and Affordable Manufacturing – We have organized our process to be efficient and cost effective, making sure that we can keep your renovation or construction project moving forward on schedule.

With all the design possibilities we offer at GC Products, we can also create additional architectural elements including domes, ceilings, door surrounds, and more. This makes it possible to complete the decorative architectural elements of your property with a single company.

Get Started – Order Architectural Column Covers from GC Products

Whether your building design uses columns as a structural element or you want to add a design feature to your property that brings a professional appearance, column covers from GC Products are an effective option. They make it easy and cost effective to transform a plain column into an artistic feature.

Our design and manufacturing process is simple as well to provide you with custom column covers that will define your property’s appearance for many years. Contact us via phone or the web form on your right to start the design process for your own column covers.

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