News, Tips, and Updates

News, Tips, and Updates

Building Standards Our GFRG Access Panels Meet GC Products

Whether you are upgrading an existing property or constructing a new one, and working in residential construction or commercial, there are a range of building standards you need to meet to be sure that your property is safe. Additional building standards can help you design properties that are also eco-friendly. Access panels are one of […]

GFRC Panels vs Precast Concrete – Which to Use at Your Property

Modern properties of all kinds, ranging from retail to hotels and casinos to educational facilities to religious centers, need solutions that provide a professional and customized exterior but at an affordable price. Another feature many properties are looking for is durability. This makes GFRC panels and precast concrete panels the top two options for property […]

Why Use GFRC Bollard Covers?

Bollards can be both a safety and security measure at properties. They designate walkways and prevent cars from entering pedestrian areas. For security purposes, they can limit access to certain vehicles.  But in order to be effective, many bollards are crafted from steel or concrete which often do not match the exterior finishing on your […]

Why Should You Use GFRC Balustrades at Your Commercial Property?

A balustrade is an architectural feature that turns a handrail or stair rail into a source of beauty and grandeur. They are a great way to bring historical elegance to a property, but can also be reinterpreted for modern design. In addition to the aesthetic element, balustrades also serve a safety purpose by helping people […]

Cost Savings Possible with GFRC Cladding

There are many reasons why commercial properties choose GFRC panels for cladding on their properties. They are one of the most attractive exterior design elements with options to create panels in a range of different textures and colors to fit them with any architectural style. GFRC cladding is waterproof, durable, fireproof, and lasts for decades. […]

Where Should You Use a GFRG Ceiling Vault in Modern Architecture?

Ceiling vaults, including domes, barrel vaults, and gothic vaults, have been a part of architecture since early empires. Often associated with temples and churches, they are most common in grand and historic properties. But despite their long history, vaults still have an important place in more modern architectural design, especially when using more modern materials […]

How GFRG Light Coves Can Transform Your Property

Every property needs lighting in interior spaces. The primary purpose is often to increase visibility, but the lighting options you choose also play a large role in the aesthetics of your property, and one of the most aesthetic forms of interior lighting is cove lighting. GFRG cove lighting uses a ledge crafted from GFRG mounted […]

Safety Requirements for Commercial Access Panels

Access panels provide easy access to some of your building’s most important systems, such as electrical, ductwork, plumbing, and communications for the purposes of repairs, upgrades, cleaning, and also safety. One of the main benefits of an access panel is that it enables you to gain access to interior components quickly when rapid action is […]

Why Use GFRG Access Panels in a Hotel or Casino

The spaces in walls and above ceilings in your hotel have a variety of systems that you do not want on display to guests, but that you still need easy access to. Electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC equipment are present throughout your property and yet covering this equipment and infrastructure with a standard metal access […]

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