News, Tips, and Updates

News, Tips, and Updates

How to Customize Your GFRG Column Design

The main advantage of GFRG in architectural column design is the customization possibilities. GFRG can be molded into any size and shape, and finishing options can make GFRG look the same as marble, limestone, clay, or wood, letting you imitate any classic column style or design your own. If you are planning on incorporating GFRG […]

Architectural Column Styles Possible with GFRC

The column has been a dominant architectural element for millennia. From ancient cultures to modern construction, columns provide structural support and lend distinctive elegance to your property. Outdoor columns framing an entryway, surrounding a courtyard, or lining a drive are an ideal way to welcome visitors to your hotel, casino, theater, government building, school, or […]

Why Your Commercial Kitchen Needs Access Panels

Properties with a commercial kitchen need to maintain a safe and clean environment. This makes it possible for your staff to work efficiently and produce high quality food. But the walls and ceilings of your commercial kitchen likely also contain the pipes and electrical systems that keep your kitchen – and your entire property – […]

GFRC Entryways from GC Products, Inc

Stunning Architectural Entryways from a Full Service GFRC Company For modern construction, GFRC is the material more and more designers and contractors are coming to rely on. It is easily customized into endless shapes and appearance, durable, lightweight, and more affordable than other construction materials. Standing for glass fiber reinforced concrete, GFRC augments the properties […]

GFRC Plinths from GC Products, Inc.

Standard and Custom Designs from an Industry Leading Company GFRC, or glass fiber reinforced concrete, uses fiberglass to offer additional strength, longevity, and moldability to traditional concrete. The addition of glass also means a far lighter weight despite the greater strength. With all of these benefits, it is easy to understand why GFRC has become […]

Why Visual Aesthetics Matter at Commercial Properties – and How GFRG Access Panels Can Help

On many commercial properties, access panels seem like an afterthought. They are added for purely functional reasons to make repairs and maintenance around the property easier. As a result, they are too often made of metal or wood that stands out and detracts from an otherwise beautiful interior design. Yet designing for aesthetics is becoming […]

Access Panel Standards to Consider When Planning Your Design

Access panels are a necessity, and almost every property has at least one. They are the best way to provide easy access to equipment and maintenance spaces, while also keeping those spaces closed off when not in use. The ideal access panel is secure yet straightforward to get into if a contractor or repair person […]

GFRC Gazebos from GC Products, Inc.

Beautiful Architectural Elements from a Company with Leading Service  GFRC has become the most important construction material in the past decades, especially for features that combine form and function like gazebos. As concrete reinforced with fiberglass, GFRC has easy moldability to any decorative shape while being extremely strong. For quality GFRC and GFRG architectural products, […]

GFRG Door Surrounds from GC Products, Inc.

Interior Architectural Elements from an Experienced GFRG Company Introduced to North America in the late 1970s, GFRG has since become one of the most used construction materials for interior designs. The modability and versatility of GFRG makes it perfect for decorative architectural features like door surrounds.  At GC Products, Inc., we have been fabricating custom […]

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