News, Tips, and Updates

News, Tips, and Updates

Technical Specs of Our GFRG Products

GFRG is quickly becoming one of, if not the most, popular material in the architectural world. It has strength, durability, ease of installation, and is easy to finish in ways that perfectly match the surrounding property. But for the contractor, often what matters most is the GFRG technical specifications. After all, you need to make […]

Using GFRC and GFRG for Decorative Projects

The interior or exterior design of a building – not just the floorplan but its shape, texture, and ornamentation – brings endless options for creating a unique look. The available materials add further choices. For a versatile option suitable for almost any decorative element, GFRC and GRFG are becoming the most popular materials in building […]

Artistic Possibilities with GFRC

GFRC has been in use for decades. It was first developed in the 1940s, and began seeing more universal use in the 1970s when the introduction of alkaline resistant glass fibers made GFRC one of the most durable and versatile construction materials on the market. In more recent years, artisans and architects have realized GFRC’s […]

What is GFRC Made With?

GFRC stands for “Glassfiber reinforced concrete,” and consists of concrete augmented with glass fibers. But in addition to the standard concrete elements and the glass, GFRC requires a range of ingredients. These contribute to the superior tensile strength, or ability to endure an impact, and durability of GFRC over standard concrete. GFRC shares many of […]

GFRC and Precast Concrete: Which Is Better?

Precast concrete has been around for years, offering an affordable way to create durable concrete panels and structures for architectural needs. GFRC is a newer product in the construction industry that provides an alternative method for prefabricating concrete. Both types of concrete are manufactured off site and shipped to your job, but GFRC offers several […]

Plumbing Access Panels

The pipes, water heaters, and other elements of a plumbing system exist in every residential and commercial structure. Wherever water or waste is carried through a building, the relevant pipes are present. These pipes remain within walls except at the endpoints in order to preserve the look of the property and protect the plumbing from […]

Types of Access Panels

Homes, apartments, and commercial properties all have a system of background components that make them run efficiently. Water, electricity, heating and cooling, telephone and internet – these systems and more rely on pipes, wires, ducts, and controls. With all these components, it is reasonable that some repairs or upgrades will be needed while the building […]

Concealing Plumbing with Bathroom Access Panels

Sinks, toilets, and – in residential bathrooms and hotels – showers and bathtubs all depend on plumbing for their functionality. Most design schemes elect to keep the pipes for these fixtures out of sight behind walls and enclosed in vanities. Yet if bathroom plumbing is sealed behind a wall, reaching it when repairs are needed […]

Electrical Access Panels Made from GFRC and GFRG

Every building relies on electricity. Usually the controls and wires for different electrical systems are kept in the background, placed within walls to keep them out of sight and easy reach. Yet when maintenance is needed, an electrical access panel makes it simple to reach the needed electrical components. Several options exist for these panels […]

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