News, Tips, and Updates

News, Tips, and Updates

Specifications for GFRG Access Panels from GC Products

GC Products offers a lineup of glass fiber reinforced access panels constructed from lightweight and durable GFRG. Our ready to order access panels offer an affordable and attractive way to add access panels. We have designed our access panels to meet the requirements and building codes for the majority of properties and access panel uses […]

Residential and Commercial Access Panels from GC Products 

Access panels are a standard component in almost every commercial space for securing building components and keeping them out of view. There are many material options available for access panel construction, but the leading option is glass fiber reinforced gypsum.  This material, often called GFRG or GRG for short, contains a mixture of gypsum strengthened […]

Using GFRC in Interior Applications

In general, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) is the recommended material for exterior applications because it is waterproof and weather proof. Meanwhile, most contractors will use glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG) inside. With its drywall like texture, it matches traditional interior elements and is not waterproof. But GFRC can also be readily used for indoor […]

GFRC Architectural Elements Near Me – Fast and Affordable Shipping

GFRC is an increasingly popular material, preferred by contractors and architects. Combining glass fibers and concrete, it resembles precast in strength and appearance but is approximately ⅓ of the weight. At GC Products, we fabricate column covers, wall panels, domes, and more from GFRC. We are also able to ship completed products, giving you a […]

Why GFRC is the Most Economic Solution for Large Projects

When your construction project calls for either a significant number of architectural elements or larger pieces, GFRC can offer the most cost effective solution, both during the initial installation and over time, with some unexpected cost savings. For these reasons, it can be a good financial decision to utilize GFRC for multiple architectural elements in […]

GFRC Versus Cast Stone: Choosing the Right Material for Your Architectural Elements

Stone is a desirable look for many properties. Architectural elements made of stone have a classic look that fits well with a wide range of architectural styles. But natural stone has not been a common material in construction for many decades as it is expensive and requires experienced craftsmen to carve and install. Instead, cast […]

How to Install GFRG Column Covers

GFRG is a leading choice for interior column covers. Available in any design, affordably priced, and durable, GFRG is also extremely easy to install. Column covers made from GFRG do not generally require heavy equipment or extensive manpower to assemble and install, instead sharing a similar process to standard drywall installation. The installation process should […]

How to Choose the Right Columns for Your Exterior

Columns are a popular architectural feature. Able to provide both form and function, they can give a property a more distinguished look. There are many different sizes and column designs available, from classic Roman-style columns to modern columns, making it possible to design a column for almost every property. In addition to style, another important […]

Drywall Access Panels: Understanding the Pros and Cons of Material Choices

Access panels are a must have in almost every building. They provide a convenient way to access important systems while still keeping them concealed for safety and appearance when not in use. This still leaves you with many choices in materials for your access panels. These are some of the most common materials for access […]

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