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GFRG Column Wraps

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GFRG Column Wraps with GC Products, Inc. GFRG continues to increase in popularity in a large number of architectural applications. It is especially popular with access panels, trims, and more. But at GC Products, the GFRG designs that we see requested most often are GFRG column wraps, also known as column covers or just simply…

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Wholesale GFRG Access Panels

Wholesale GFRG Access Panels 200 200 gcproductsinc

Wholesale GFRG Access Panels: Buy in Bulk or One at a Time GC Products Inc., created GFRG access panels for some of the most well known brands in the access panel world. We are now able to offer these panels directly ourselves, giving you a less expensive cost and a product that is guaranteed to…

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GFRG Access Doors

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GFRG Access Doors from GC Products Inc. GC Products Inc has been the leading GFRG manufacturer for many years, and continues to play a role in GFRG development for some of the leading businesses in the United States. We’ve also partnered with other companies to provide them with products that they can put retail, as…

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GFRC Ceilings

GFRC Ceilings 4592 2422 gcproductsinc

Custom GFRC Ceilings and Roof Panels by GC Products GC Products is the leading manufacturer of GFRG and GFRC used in architectural design. GFRC has quickly become one of the most popular materials for its array of benefits it provides at a competitive total cost.  GFRC is traditionally an exterior material because of its waterproof…

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How Does GFRG Save Money?

How Does GFRG Save Money? 2048 1152 gcproductsinc

GFRG has become one of the most popular materials in architectural design today. It is more durable, pours clean, lighter weight, and easier to install than the vast majority of alternatives on the market. Yet, despite all that, it is also considered a better value. On overall project costs, GFRG – even with its advantages…

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Alternative to Terra Cotta

Alternative to Terra Cotta 2048 1365 gcproductsinc

GFRC is a Great Alternative to Terra Cotta GFRC was in the news recently. An article about a restoration project in Buffalo, NY was tasked with determining how to restore its terra cotta façade. Originally, they explored purchasing terra cotta again and simply replacing the exterior with new, higher quality material. But what they quickly…

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GFRG – More Than a Material

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GFRG is More than a Material – It Is Our Specialty There are few companies that are capable of crafting high end custom items out of GFRG. But even among those that remain, GC Products Inc stands out as different from the competition. That is because while there are a few companies that offer GFRG,…

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Lululemon GFRC Storefront Design

Lululemon GFRC Storefront Design 692 960 gcproductsinc

GC Products Inc creates architectural GFRG and GFRC products for businesses and builders across the country. Sometimes we like to go back and look at some of our favorite designs and feature them on our news and blog section. Back in 2015, we worked on a project we really loved. It was for the storefront…

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GFRC and GRC – What’s the Difference?

GFRC and GRC – What’s the Difference? 4960 2548 gcproductsinc

GC Products Inc crafts some of the highest quality GFRC and GRC products that the market has to offer, and has received accolades for their craftsmanship – all for a cost that is extremely competitive compared to other GFRC manufacturers. As you decide what architectural pieces you need for your next build, you may come…

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Merry Christmas

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As the year comes to a close and we prepare for the Christmas season it is also a time to take a step back and reflect on the past year. It is a perfect time to evaluate your business and personal life, and make the necessary plans to ensure that you and your company are…

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