Applications for GFRG Panels – Market Report

As the popularity of GFRG continues to rise, so too do the number of properties and architects that use GFRG related products. As a design product, GFRG isn’t limited to any property type, and can be used with essentially any type of design. But there is evidence that GFRG is more popular and more common with certain types of applications.

According to the market report, the most common applications for GFRG include, but are not limited to:

  • Residential Architecture
  • Hotel Architecture
  • Office Architecture
  • Airport Architecture
  • Industrial Architecture

In our experience, casinos and gaming also tend to use GFRG often. GFRG columns and ceilings of these types of buildings are extremely popular compared to competing materials. They’re also fireproof, which is useful in places that smoke.

GFRG continues to be an increasingly popular material in construction and design, and GC Products Inc is the top choice for those that require perfect products for their architectural vision. Contact us today to learn more.