Which Column Cover Material Do I Need? GFRG or GFRC?

As the leading manufacturer of both GFRG and GFRC, we are always available to answer your most pressing questions. But today, we’ll go over an easier one:

For column covers, which is better: GFRG or GFRC?

The answer is simple. It depends on whether the cover will be exposed to moisture and water. GFRG is a lightweight, cost-efficient material that is perfect for column covers. It is fireproof, extremely durable, paintable, and pours perfectly into each mold for a smooth and uniform design each time.

But it is not waterproof. GFRC, on the other hand, is water resistant. It has many of the same advantages as GFRG, but it is also capable of withstanding water. That makes it a far better choice for outdoor use, as well as any section fo a building that is likely to see moisture (like a pool).

There are some other differences between the two materials, but when it comes to column covers, all you need to ask yourself is whether or not the column will be exposed to water, and you have your answer.

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